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Estate Invest will help you find and buy a 1+1 apartment in Turkey from a proven developer. We will help you find an apartment that meets your individual requirements and budget. Interest-free installments are available for all new properties from developers.

Квартира 1+1 Турция

Interested in buying a 1+1 apartment in Turkey?

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    What does 1+1 apartment in Turkey mean? This means a one-bedroom apartment consisting of one bedroom and a studio kitchen. The area of such a one-room apartment varies in the range of 36-70 square meters. Some of them have a balcony or terrace with beautiful views of the city or the sea. When it comes to southern cities like Alanya or Mersin, a balcony is a fully utilized living space. Many people set up a dining room on the balcony or even put a bed to sleep outdoors. Apartments from the developer of 1+1 format are delivered with finishing, flooring, ready-made kitchen set, fully equipped with bathroom fixtures and fittings, spot lighting and sometimes complete with household appliances.

    This type of property is popular among international buyers for use as vacation homes or rental properties. Buying a 1+1 apartment in Turkey is a profitable investment for international investors, as this property has a more affordable price with high rental potential and high liquidity at resale.

    Estate Invest offers a personalized selection of apartments depending on your preferences and budget. Our experts will guide you through all stages of the deal, from choosing an apartment to signing a contract. We work only with trusted developers to ensure the quality of construction, as well as the proper functioning of all utilities and infrastructure.

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    Types of 1+1 apartments

    One-bedroom apartments in Turkey have different layouts and facilities. We offer properties with a sea or mountain view, newly built or resale.

    In addition, apartments can vary in size, layout, and design:

    • a standard 1+1 apartment consists of one bedroom and a kitchen-studio. This is usually the most affordable option for purchase.
    • a studio with a kitchen (referred to as 1+0) features an open layout where the bedroom and kitchen share the same space but have separate areas. This option may seem more spacious and more modern.
    • duplex 1+1 apartment: this is a two-level apartment, where the kitchen-studio can be on one level and the bedroom on the other. A good option for those who want more privacy and space.

    You can check out examples of apartment layouts in our catalog.

    1+1 квартира Турция
    Турция цена на квартиру 1+1

    Cities where you can buy 1+1 apartment

    There are many cities in Turkey where you can buy a 1+1 apartment at an affordable price. Here are a few of them:

    • Istanbul: Turkey’s largest metropolis, cultural and economic center of the country. Not surprisingly, this region is one of the most popular for buying real estate. Here, you can find many 1+1 apartments of different types, both in the city center and on the outskirts.
    • Alanya: a popular resort city on Turkey’s southern coast, famous for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse shopping and markets. Real estate in Alanya offers a wide range of apartments and villas with sea views and affordable prices. There are also many attractions such as the Fortress of Alanya, Aspendos and Damlatash Caves.
    • Mersin is a picturesque city in the south of Turkey, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The city offers a variety of real estate options, including one-bedroom apartments. There are many interesting places to visit in Mersin such as Kertinge Fortress, Ataturk Museum and Cıngıl National Park.

    Besides these cities, there are other regions of Turkey where you can buy 1+1 apartment. It’s important to choose a location that fits your individual needs and budget, and contact an experienced real estate agent who can help you find the best option.

    How much is a 1+1 apartment in Turkey (price by city)

    City District Number of rooms Area Price in € Property link
    Alanya Avsallar 1+1 55 sq.m. from €56 550 view
    Alanya Demirtaş 1+1 52 sq.m. from €74 170 view
    Alanya Gazipasa 1+1 55 sq.m. from €82 500 view
    Mersin Tomuk 1+0 35 sq.m. from €35 500 view
    Mersin Tarsus 1+1 70 sq.m. from €53 000 view
    Istanbul Esenyurt 1+1 45 sq.m. from €53 027 view
    Istanbul Maltepe 1+1 68.8 sq.m. from €84 956 view

    Why Turkey

    Turkey offers an excellent quality of life and is an ideal place for both living and vacationing. The sunny weather, beautiful beaches, historical sites and delicious local cuisine make it an attractive destination for many people. In addition, Turkey’s economy is growing rapidly, which attracts investors and businessmen.

    However, there are other reasons why Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular destination for living and investing. Today, it is the largest economic market in the Middle East. The favorable geographical location makes it easy to build international relations, do business, and travel. Furthermore, Turkey offers many programs and opportunities for citizenship and residence permits.

    Real estate in Turkey presents a wealth of appealing opportunities for residential living, investment, and business ventures. These factors, along with its warm climate, beautiful beaches and rich culture and history, make it one of the best places to visit and live. Estate Invest’s experts will help you find a one-bedroom apartment in regions such as Istanbul, Alanya, Mersin and will support you at all stages of the deal.

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