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Buying an apartment in Avsallar with Estate Invest is profitable and safe. We work with all the trusted developers of Alanya, as well as maintain a database of properties on the secondary market.

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    For many people who want to buy an apartment in Avsallar, Turkey is a favorite vacation destination. Because this district in Alanya is home to numerous renowned hotels, many tourists eventually decide to invest in their own property here. The extensive development of residential complexes in Avsallar began relatively recently; previously, this area primarily consisted of hotels. Therefore, it is very important when choosing an apartment to check the trustworthiness of the construction company and its reputation in the market.

    By engaging the services of Estate Invest’s real estate specialists, our clients are assured of the security of their investment.
    Regardless of whether you want to buy a new development or an apartment in a completed building, the purchase process is straightforward: choose a property remotely or visit Alanya Avsallar in person.

    Most developers provide the option of a remote deal when buying a property in a building under construction. However, if you are purchasing a completed apartment or taking ownership after the developer has commissioned the property, you will need to be present in person. Estate Invest experts will help to handle all the nuances from selecting a property to formalizing the documents.

    Real estate in Avsallar

    Properties in Avsallar are categorized as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments. This is how the number of rooms is denoted in Turkey. The first digit is used to indicate the number of bedrooms and the second digit is to indicate the number of living rooms. The district also has several cottage communities, consisting of villas. Our catalog includes more than 150 up-to-date offers.

    The distinguishing characteristic of complexes in Alanya is their comprehensive, hotel-level internal infrastructure. This includes outdoor and indoor pools, gyms, barbecue areas and even on-site cafes and restaurants. Thus, buying an apartment in Avsallar will be a great alternative to annual trips to Turkish hotels. Everything you need for a comfortable vacation you will find on the territory of the complex. The price of apartments depends on the number of rooms and area, as well as on the quality of the residential facilities.

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    Avsallar District, Alanya

    The Avsallar district is located to the west of Alanya. This is the most remote neighborhood from the center. The drive from Avsallar to the city center will take about 25-30 minutes by car. There are also regular buses and they are inexpensive. On the map, this district in Turkey is the closest to the regional center – Antalya, which means that the road to the international airport will take less time than from any other district of Alanya. If this requirement is not a priority, you can consider real estate in other neighborhoods: Oba, Mahmutlar, and Gazipasa.

    Avsallar is home to a picturesque pine forest. Here, pine trees grow alongside palm trees, emphasizing the ineffable atmosphere of Turkish nature. The hilly terrains offer beautiful sea views even from properties that are quite remote from the coast.

    Another attraction of the neighborhood is Incekum Beach. It is rightly considered one of the best on the southern coast of Turkey. Due to the distance from the center, real estate in Avsallar is inexpensive compared to other districts of Alanya.

    The lowest prices for a 1+1 apartment:

    Location Distance to the sea Apartment in Avsallar, Alanya Price in €, from
    First coastline up to 500 m new development 130 000
    resale 90 000
    Second coastline up to 1.5 km new development 110 000
    resale 80 000
    Closer to the mountains 1.5 km + new development 85 000
    resale 65 000

    For those looking to buy a cheap apartment in Avsallar Turkey, resale properties (apartments in older complexes) will be the perfect option. These properties are closer to the sea and have larger apartment areas, but their architecture is less modern than that of the newer residential complexes. The facilities of the complexes with resale apartments will also be inferior to more modern developments. The level and quality of infrastructure, as a rule, depend on the size of the development project and significantly affect the prices of apartments.

    If you want to buy an apartment in Avsallar Turkey for investment, we recommend paying attention to residential complexes with well-developed internal facilities (of a separate type). The neighborhood is very popular among tourists, and the best investment option here is an apartment for daily rent during the holiday season. In addition to helping you choose an investment property, Estate Invest experts offer services that include property sales, property rentals, and property management.

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