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Estate Invest experts will help you buy an apartment in Gazipasa Alanya. Our catalog offers properties from a developer and on the secondary real estate market.

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    Turkish real estate developers provide the opportunity to conclude deals remotely. If you want to buy an apartment in Gazipasa Turkey without having to fly here in person, our agent will conduct a remote showing, presentation at the developer, and will help you draw up the contract and make payment.

    If you would like to come in person, we will meet you at the airport, show you the properties, help you choose the best one, and help buy a home by the sea. The choice of real estate in Gazipasa is large. All major construction companies of Alanya operate here. You can choose either a cheap apartment or a luxury new development. All current properties with prices can be found in our catalog.

    Real estate in Gazipasa

    In the Gazipasa area, the majority of real estate consists of resort properties. These are apartments in hotel-type residences – with all the facilities right on the territory (swimming pools, recreation area, SPA, gyms). Elite properties offer amenities comparable to 5-star hotels, while even small economy-class complexes provide owners with everything needed for a comfortable vacation or living. You may also be interested in apartments in other prestigious neighborhoods such as Avsallar, Oba, and Mahmutlar.

    A property for sale in Turkey includes not only the apartment itself but also the entire interior and furnishings of the house as well as other facilities. Since the residents can use the complex facilities absolutely free of charge. In the catalog, you can see the following designations: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1. This is how they refer to the number of rooms in Turkey. For example, a 1+1 apartment: the first digit is one bedroom and the second digit is one living room.

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    Gazipasa district, Alanya

    On the map, Gazipasa district is a neighborhood in Turkey, located east of the city of Alanya. This is where the nearest airport to Alanya is located (45 km and about 40-50 minutes by car). The airport currently operates mainly domestic flights, but the government has plans to expand it to an international airport. Thanks to the presence of the airport, buying an apartment in Gazipasa, Turkey, will be incredibly convenient and within easy reach. 5-minute drive by taxi and you are now in your own apartment by the sea.

    The beaches in Gazipasa Alanya are clean, wide, and very beautiful. In some places, the mountains come right up to the sea and you can enjoy relaxing in the shade of the rocky ledges. Along the entire coastline of the city, there is a newly reconstructed and landscaped promenade with walking areas, exercise equipment, and bicycle paths. Compared to other neighborhoods in Alanya, buying an apartment in Gazipasa is inexpensive. The district is in the early stages of development, making it a tranquil and peaceful destination for a relaxed vacation, away from the noise and hustle of the city.

    Location Distance to the sea Apartment in Gazipasa, Alanya Price in €, from
    First coastline up to 500 m new development 120 000
    resale 90 000
    Second coastline up to 1.5 km new development 110 000
    resale 75 000
    Closer to the mountains 1.5 km + new development 90 000
    resale 65 000

    If you want to buy a cheap apartment, one of the possible options is resale properties. By resale we mean either apartments in old, long-completed buildings that are being sold by their current owners, or apartments from investors who purchased the property at earlier stages of construction from the developer and are now reselling it at a profit.

    In the Gazipasa neighborhood of Turkey, resale properties are mostly investor apartments in buildings under construction or recently completed. The availability of older housing is quite limited in this neighborhood due to its relatively recent development, and the older houses were constructed without proper infrastructure. Such apartments are less attractive than more modern complexes, which include all the advantages of a hotel and are better suited for living or vacationing by the sea. Estate Invest experts will help you find and buy an apartment in Gazipasa or any other area with maximum benefit for you.

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