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Estate Invest will help you find and buy an apartment in Istanbul from a trusted developer. Our catalog offers more than 400 property variants: apartments, duplexes, villas and houses. Interest-free installments are available on new properties.

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    Apartments for sale in Istanbul

    Istanbul is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the world: approximately 30 new streets are added here each year, the infrastructure is continuously developing, neighborhoods are being modernized, and the population increases by 3 percent. The decision to buy an apartment from a developer in Istanbul will be beneficial both for permanent housing and as an investment. Every year the price of a square meter in the city grows, while the demand remains consistently high. One of the main advantages of investing in Istanbul is its developed domestic market. The investor can sell the property to both foreigners and locals.

    Istanbul has 39 districts spread over the city’s 14 hills. When buying a property, you need to assess all the benefits and related factors: neighborhood amenities, transportation, living conditions, and medical services. For families with children, it is important to have educational institutions nearby. Our agents have excellent knowledge of the neighborhoods and will be able to provide personalized real estate recommendations.

    We accompany our clients throughout the entire purchase process: from finding the most suitable option to signing title documents and moving in. Estate Invest‘s experienced professionals thoroughly check the legal cleanliness and technical condition of the selected property. We maintain strong business partnerships with Turkish developers, thanks to which our clients are able to purchase apartments in installments.

    Real estate in Istanbul

    Istanbul real estate projects are well known in Turkey for their modern design, high storeys, and strict adherence to building regulations. The Ministry of Public Works’ General Technical Specification determines the acceptability of construction materials. Recently, there has been an increasing focus on eco-friendly and natural materials. They not only have high performance characteristics, but also create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere in living areas. Istanbul also has a tradition of using ceramics and mosaics to decorate the facades of buildings. These elements give buildings a special aesthetic appeal and flair.

    Turkish developers also create comfortable facilities on the territory of the complexes. Special attention is paid to landscaping and greenery. Most modern projects have developed inner infrastructure: swimming pools, spas, gyms, stores, kindergartens and recreation areas, which can be used by residents free of charge. Many complexes have supermarkets, pharmacies, various stores and restaurants on site.

    Properties in Istanbul are categorized into 1+1 apartments, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, and so on. The first digit is the number of bedrooms and the second digit is the number of living rooms. There is also a studio apartment of 1+0 type, in which the bedroom and living room are combined.

    In addition to apartments by the sea, modern residential complexes in Istanbul offer a wide range of properties of different sizes and price categories, including resale apartments. You can buy a house, villa or duplex not only in the city center, but also on the outskirts or in the suburbs, in a quiet and secluded place with beautiful views of the sea or forest.

    Istanbul Turkey

    Istanbul is divided into Asian and European parts, separated by the Bosphorus Strait. In the times of the Ottoman and Roman empires, the strategic location of the city contributed to its development. Today, this historical trend continues, driven by a favorable investment climate, distinctive architecture, sophisticated infrastructure, and comfortable living conditions. Having Turkish real estate can have a significant impact on obtaining citizenship.

    The city also hosts a major port, solidifying Istanbul as a crucial transportation hub connecting Asia and Europe, bridging the two continents. Due to its geographical location, it attracts a lot of tourists and businessmen.

    Some of the most popular districts in the city include:

    Beylikduzu is an actively growing neighborhood on the European shore of the Sea of Marmara. The houses are built by developers using modern technologies, taking into account the seismic activity of the region. The district has a well-developed internal infrastructure: stores, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, kindergartens, and universities.

    Beyoglu is the elite neighborhood of New Istanbul. Its streets are always bustling with life: it is a center of business, leisure, and culture. The best branded boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and theaters are located here.

    Esenyurt is a lively district in the European part of the city. Some of the advantages include the presence of thermal springs, parks, picnic areas, and well-developed transportation. This is a great neighborhood for investment: some of the most affordable Istanbul real estate prices in Esenyurt.

    Besiktas is one of the centers of commercial life in the city. A luxurious green district on the banks of the Bosphorus. There are famous palaces, luxury hotels, and prestigious neighborhoods favored by celebrities.

    Bakirkoy is a business district located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. The district has a favorable investment potential (properties for sale and rental) due to the proximity to the sea. The infrastructure and transportation systems are highly developed. There is an international shopping center and Ataturk Airport, on the territory of which a grandiose entertainment park is planned to be built soon.

    The Fatih district is a recognized center of cultural life and commerce. Here the real estate is represented by authentic old housing stock.

    We can also offer wonderful apartments from the developer on the Mediterranean Sea in Alanya and Mersin.

    Apartment prices in Istanbul

    For those wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul, our catalog features more than 400 unique offers. For the projects at the construction stage developers offer a favorable installment at 0% per year with a down payment of 30%. As a ready housing you can consider commissioned new buildings or resale real estate, which is relatively inexpensive.

    Below we have prepared the average real estate prices in Istanbul, in the most popular districts:

    Location Apartment in Istanbul Price in €, from
    Beyoglu, Sisli new development 260 000
    resale property up to 5 years 180 000
    Bakirkoy new development 230 000
    resale property up to 5 years 120 000
    Esenyurt new development 130 000
    resale property up to 5 years 65 000
    Beylikduzu new development 140 000
    resale property up to 5 years 90 000
    Uskudar, Kadikoy new development 350 000
    resale property up to 5 years 250 000
    Buyukchekmeje new development 120 000
    resale property up to 5 years 85 000

    Estate Invest provides clients with the option to create a design project and furnish the apartment with furniture and appliances, all without requiring their physical presence. Also, the purchase of real estate can be done through a remote deal with payment by bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

    If you’d like to visit Istanbul to select a property, we offer to meet you at the airport, arrange your hotel accommodation, and organize presentations of properties by developers. We will help you buy an apartment in Turkey and make a profitable investment in your future.

    If you have any questions – leave a request and our experts will give you a detailed free consultation and show you the best apartment options.

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