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Estate Invest experts will help you choose and buy an apartment in Mersin, either from reputable developers or on the secondary market. Our catalog offers more than 300 apartment options. Interest-free installments are available on properties from developers.

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Looking for a property in Mersin?

    Apartmens for sale in Mersin

    Many people who want to buy an apartment in Turkey undeservedly overlook the city of Mersin. Let’s have a closer look at it. Mersin is a major commercial and industrial center in the province of Southern Anatolia. It is one of the largest harbors in the Mediterranean region and a city of more than 2,000,000 people. For a long time, Mersin’s resort potential was not explored. This is primarily due to the fact that the nearest international airport is 90 km away (in the city of Adana). However, an international airport of its own is now under construction in Mersin. As a result, the construction of large chain hotels is progressing in parallel to this, and international tourism in this region is starting to flourish, leading to a more active development of resort real estate in Mersin.

    Nevertheless, among the people of Turkey, Mersin as a resort has been popular for a long time. Not its central neighborhoods, but the west coast towards Alanya. The most popular districts are Erdemli (a small town 30 km away from Mersin), Tece, and Tomuk. These neighborhoods are relatively new, featuring spacious, flat streets and houses that resonate with European buyers due to their straightforward architectural designs, distinct from intricate oriental styles. These apartments by the sea are ideal for permanent residence. It is just half an hour to drive to the central districts of the city (Yenisehir, Eskisehir). There you can find huge shopping and entertainment centers of European format, as well as restaurants of local and international cuisine. Education is also well-developed in Mersin, there is a multidisciplinary university, private and public colleges, and English schools.

    In these districts (Erdemli, Tece, Mezitli), now there is an active development of modern complexes of hotel format with the infrastructure of 5-star hotels right on the territory of the house. In many complexes, residents can enjoy free access to a range of amenities, including outdoor swimming pools, SPA zones, gyms, children’s playrooms, playgrounds, and beautifully landscaped walking areas. Another great advantage of housing in Mersin is the availability of centralized gas heating in most districts.

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    Real Estate in Mersin

    We have more than 100 apartment complexes in Mersin in our catalog. Working only with proven and trusted developers (some of which have been on the market for over 80 years), we guarantee our clients a reliable and transparent deal. Apartments in Mersin have layouts of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 3+1, 4+1, and more. The first number is the number of bedrooms and the second one is the number of living rooms. Duplexes are also popular in Mersin. These are two-level apartments, which are located on the first (garden duplex) and last floors of buildings and are equipped with comfortable and spacious terraces.

    It can be noted that the layouts of apartments from the developer in Mersin are very spacious and comfortable. Many buyers complain that nowadays in Alanya, for example, 1+1 apartments have a net area of 32-36m2. Whereas in Mersin, the minimum area of apartments starts from 45-50m2, and in some developments a one-bedroom apartment can reach 65-70m2.

    All apartments are delivered with finished walls, finished kitchen furniture, parquet in bedrooms and tiles or parquet in the living room, as well as with a finished bathroom, fully equipped with plumbing, electrics, and spot lighting throughout the apartment. The buyer only has to buy furniture and decor, and the apartment is ready for use.

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    Buy an apartment in Mersin

    Estate Invest’s design and furnishing department can create a design project for you and organize the complete furnishing of the apartment remotely. By the way, real estate developers also carry out remote deals, and you can pay by bank transfer, cash, or even in cryptocurrency. If you want to come and choose a property in Mersin in person, we will meet you at the airport, pre-book your hotel, show you the city and familiarize you with its districts, and then make presentations of properties at developers, and show you the construction sites of future projects. Our real estate agency will also help with the organization of your leisure time, and there is a lot to see in Mersin, aside from the construction sites. For example, a modern marina with luxury yachts, European stores, and restaurants. Mersin is also rich in historical heritage. In general, to comfortably choose a property and have a good time, it is better to plan a visit to Mersin for at least 3-5 days – that’s how long it will take to choose and buy real estate.

    Apartment prices in Mersin

    For those wishing to buy a house or apartment in Mersin, Turkey is much more financially affordable. Properties here are inexpensive in comparison with other resort towns of the Mediterranean. You can consider options from the developer and resale. Resale property costs less, but the complexes may not have a developed internal infrastructure. But the area of apartments in such buildings, as a rule, will be larger.

    The table shows the prices of new developments and resale apartments in the most popular among foreigners resort districts of Mersin.

    Location Distance to the city center Apartment in Mersin Price in €, from
    Erdemli,Tomuk 25-30 km new development 65 000 – 75 000
    resale 50 000 – 65 000
    Tece 15-20 km new development 75 000 – 85 000
    resale 65 000 – 75 000
    Mezitli 10 km new development 90 000
    resale 80 000

    If you have any questions, please leave a request and Estate Invest experts will give you a detailed presentation of the city and show you the best apartment options at affordable prices.

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